Tuesday, October 13, 2009


here is a selection of handmade halloween goodies to keep your candy safe and your spirit light.

devil cookie jar- (earthenware) 7" tall $140

black cat owl ghost stack cookie jar (earthenware) 9.5" tall $210

owl cat witch stack cookie jar 13" tall (earthenware) $300

candy corn cookie jar 6" tall (earthenware) $100

pumpkin cookie jars left 7.5" tall matte glazed (stoneware) $100
right 6.5" tall (earthenware) $80

cups pumpkins 4.5" tall (stoneware) $30 each

frankenstien 4.25" tall (stoneware) $30 each

cream and sugar owls 4.5"tall (stoneware) $80 pair

pumpkins 5-5.75 tall (stoneware) $80 pair

all pieces are safe for food and can go in your dishwasher. stoneware pieces can also be used in the microwave.

Friday, September 25, 2009

a view from the fair

country living fair, columbus ohio

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

fresh pots

fresh pots- get 'em while they're hot!
I know pictures and text are not in the correct order. sorry- technical difficulties.

grey 7.5" tall 6.5" across $100
brown 6" tall 6" across $85

brown cookie jar with blue roses and blue bird -stoneware
9" tall 5" across $150

small brown rose vases-stoneware
green roses 5" tall 3.25" across $40
blue roses 5" tall 3.5" across $45

brown pumpkin-stoneware
7.5" tall 8"across $110

spotted owl- cat cookie jar-earthenware
11.5" tall 9"across $250

black vase-brown & white flowers- stoneware
11.5" tall 7.5" across $150

crow-stoneware $150
7.5"tall 8"across

black vases- stoneware
8.5" tall 3.5" across $45
9.5" tall 3.5" across $45
7.5" tall 3" across $35
9.5" tall 3.5" across $45

white vase with white roses- stoneware
10" tall 6.5" across $150

cake plate- earthenware
3.25 " tall 10.5" across $125

necklaces- handmade stoneware charms on 24"sterling silver chain $95 each
cake-nest-green bird- blue cupcake-strawberry
orange bird- strawberry-orange-lemon-lime
owl-strawberry-watermelon-ice cream cone-pink cupcake

Sunday, March 22, 2009

spring pots

fresh out of the kiln and perfect for spring. all of my work is handmade(my hands) in my 19th century barn/ studio located in the sullivan county catskills, come and visit if you are in the area and see where my pots are born.

please email earthgirlpottery@gmail.com to purchase. I will ship them to your door. I must charge NY State sales tax if shipping in NY and will charge shipping as the post office chages. I can take MC or Visa or you can send a check. I will be happy to answer you question and send additional photos if need be. Thanks- Jill

bluebird rose vases-white stoneware
10.5" tall $100
11.5" tall $110 sold
8.25" tall $80 (white roses)
11.25" tall $110

white roses berry vase-white stoneware
10.5" tall $100

house cookie jars- brown stoneware w/white stoneware houses
log cabin 12"x4.5" $150 sold
pink house 12"x4.5" $150
white cottage 13"x5" $175

fruit cookie jars-white stoneware
pear 9" tall $75
green apple 5.5"tall $75
red apple 6" tall $75

chicken spots cream n sugar sets- white stoneware
red/blue dots cream 5"tall sugar 5.5" tall $100
green/orange/ red dots cream 3.75"tall sugar 5.5" tall $100

bluebluebirds- white stoneware
pitcher 8.5"x8" $140
cream n sugar 4" tall $100

moonshine jug-brown stoneware
8"tall $90

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pottery Available Now !

Here are some earthgirl pots-
a selection of my favorites in stock now and ready to ship to your home.

I ship using US postal Service and i always insure the parcel. I pass the exact shipping cost on to you. I accept mastercard and visa, and charge NY State tax if i ship to a NY address. If you would like to make a purchase please email earthgirlpottery@gmail.com or call me at 845-482-4976 between 8am and 6pm eastern time. Thanks. Jill

Rose Vases- wheel thrown stoneware with handbuilt roses
blue roses 10" tall $80 sold
green roses 9.5"tall $80 sold
red roses 7.5"tall $60
green roses 5.5"tall $45 sold
blue roses 5" tall $45

Pitchers-wheel thrown stoneware
green dots 8" tall $75
pink/red dots 7" tall $65

Green Apple Cream & Sugar- wheel thrown stoneware
sugar 3.5" tall creamer 4" tall $90 set sold

Fat Chicken Cookie Jar-allsorts dots wheel thrown earthenware
8.5" tall (just as wide) $165

Bird in a Tree Vase-wheel thrown stoneware
10" tall $150

Cat Cookie Jars- wheel thrown earthenware
black/white bird nest top 6.5" tall $120 sold
black bird nest top 7" tall $120
black/white hat top 7.5" tall $140

Black & White Dots
big pitcher 8" tall $100 stoneware
chicken 8" tall $140 earthenware
cream & sugar 4"/4.5" tall $85 stoneware

Black Vases-wheel thrown stoneware
white roses 6" tall $45
pink roses 6" tall $45
white roses bird in nest 11.5"tall $150

Turquoise Birds -wheel thrown stoneware
candy jar 9.5" tall $160
cream & sugar 5"/4.5" tall $110 set
pitcher 7.5"tall $120